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Four: Talks for Pubs & Hotels

A lot of hotels…like The Savoy, or The Ritz have unique and wonderful histories and stories. These will undoubtedly be on their websites and in some instances, be in Wikipedia. Pubs, especially created during the Victorian era with an historic presence, may be recognised locally, be on a listing somewhere, or may have a plaque outside. But this needs turning into a narrative, to give to an audience, and again be part of the established Intellectual Property.

The history of the development of the pub/hotel can be issued as a scripted narrative, by a guide in an appropriate costume, delivered on a regular basis, ticketed, or free, depending on the thoughts and inclinations of the General Manager. The advertising of the talk and how it is featured on paper and digital publicity would be discussed at the same time as the content.

How This Works……..

Stage One
Isolate a spare room or function room to use regularly

Stage Two
Contact Bespoke Campaigns for a Talks Consult

 Stage Three
Decide on the In-House and Online Advertising

An empty function room should be used in a way that helps the building

Stage Four
Formulate a Campaigns Strategy for the Talk and put into the various publicity

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Subject Heading: Pub Talks