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Five: Campaigns for Pubs

One pub a week in the UK faces closure: when this happens, people lose jobs, university students lose an income to support studies. A building loses its community focal point and a neighbourhood loses an historic building and context.

There are ways and means of ensuring that this doesn’t happen. However, the skills, usually the domain of professional marketers and PR personnel is out of the reach of the small business or independent.

There is an easy method in finding your market; it isn’t rocket science and well within the scope of a small business. It just takes focus and work. Big organisations and retail outlets have their ways and means of calculating the relative return on investment when it decides to have a branch on any given High St: the same analysis can be applied by a small business to their locality.

Campaigns are really about crying out to potentially interested people stuff that they want to know and hear. What the local pub brings to the local residents and workers, they will welcome knowing.

One Pub a Week Closes in the UK……..

       Here is How it Works……The Solution

Stage One
You book a ‘Campaigns for Pubs’ consult with Bespoke Campaigns

Stage Two
You will need to refer to a map of the area where you are to about 10 minute walking distance

Stage Three
You will need to note the nearest tube and bus links to the business

Stage Four
A method is worked out between Bespoke Campaigns and the business owner

Stage Five
The Plan is implemented and repeated for each event

Stage Six
A loyal customer base evolves

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