What We Do
Two: Bespoke Industry Tours

Here is how this works……..

The business, in London will have a history, so will the environment the business is in. This is especially true of a pub or hotel. A tour can be designed taking in the immediate facts and details about the life where the business is: then and now.

So, if you own or run a pub, hotel or business, what has happened there within an immediate range is interesting to tourist, new resident, or even regular to that business.

A lot of digital based business are monopolising the tour business: why not make and have your own?

Stage One
You Contact Bespoke Campaigns

Stage Two
We Come and See You (and have a 2 hour chargeable consult)

Stage Three
A Bespoke Tour is designed on the basis of the placement of the business/pub/hotel and its local history

Contact: info@bespokecampaigns.org
Subject Heading: Industry Tours

Stage Four
There is a one of charge for the Bespoke Tour Design, the advertising and local reach is advised depending on the individual arrangement made between us and you, and on the complex history of the business

Stage Five
The Bespoke Tour is then part of the unique and individual Intellectual Property of the business and is a means of earning extra revenue. It also places the business in the context of local history