What We Do
Six: Events & Entertainment Design

Comedy, Talks, Poetry Nights, Quiz Nights, Theatre, Singalongs, Poker Nights, Dancing, Karaoke, Fancy Dress, Theme Nights, Film Clubs…..ALL OF THESE are options to the business owner, especially pub, club or restaurant. There are also plenty of locally based clubs that can use a space for tournaments, board games, and meetings.

In reality – for a regular event that brings in a regular interested crowd, it takes about six weeks to three months. It is a good measure for a new GM to make their mark by dealing with an Events and Entertainment Design, as well as advertising the space available for private functions. Here’s How it Works…..

Stage One
Book an Events & Entertainment Consult with Bespoke Campaigns

Stage Two
Decide on Your ‘Events Calendar’ on the basis of that consult

Stage Three
Go through the minor detail such as times and noise during that consult

Stage Four
Find the Talent

Stage Five
Design Posters, flyers and advertising – digital and paper campaigns

Stage Six
Implement the Campaign and start the events calendar


Contact: info@bespokecampigns.org
Subject Heading: Events Design