What We Do
One: General List

Bespoke Campaigns is a unique business consultancy, more hands on and practical than most offering an unusual and effective set of skills.
This is what we do……………….
Offer Walking Tours Design for Pubs, Clubs and Hotels: After an initial consultation fee and tour design cost, you can then increase revenue streams by making the tour part of your own bag of tricks, or Intellectual Property. What you do next is advertise this on your own site, and advertise for your own guide. www.bespokecampaigns.org/Tours for Pubs

Industry Related Tours cover a wider geography, are likely to be longer and more politically complex. They are about trades, liveries, organisations that have long and deep roots. Their histories will be littered with people of note and actions relating to the company or organisation formation and evolution. www.bespokecampaigns.org/Industry Related Tours

Ales, Inns & Taverns Talks merge the history of drink in England, with the history of an environment and the bar. A bar is the old focus point of a community existence which came before anything else in any given environment. The formation of this talk is then again, once formed, the property of the bar with the history and the talk itself filling an empty function room in the winter. www.bespokecampaigns.org/Ales, Inns & Taverns Talks

We can and do design unique campaigns for pubs. We can and do design stuff like a Pub History Factsheet, which is hardcopy literature to leave at the bar to cover social media links, or event and entertainment design. Pubs now need to deal with their physical space outside of the Sky Sports Calendar. Quiz Evenings, Bingo, Karaoke, Chess Tournaments, all help to keep a place ticking over and staff in their jobs. A General Manager does not necessarily have the skills do deal with this and to make the numbers work. Unique merchandise for pubs works if putting together a brand image.  This is especially important to an indie trying to make it in the world of huge brand image making. Logos on T-Shirts, mats and other merchandise connects the customer with the bar in a way that maintains repeated custom. www.bespokecampaigns.org/bespoke campaigns for pubs

Merchandising for a business, small hotel, pub or restaurant can be done through us at a relatively cheap cost. This would include logo and concept design to be transferred onto merchandise to wear, use on assets for publicity (paper and web) and on assets to charge for (pens, t-shirts, mugs etc…..). Prices available on request and subject to complexity of work.

The Year begins with New Year’s Day and ends with New Year’s Eve. In between those dates, there is a full twelve months of opportunity for events, parties, sports and recreation. All can be done. It is even feasible to have an ‘Events Suggestion Box’ and arrange a winner. There is more to the life of a bar than Sky Sports – for a long time they were places that were a substitute for poor housing, ale was a substitute for poor water. Always, through every era, pubs have been about entertainment and company.

A well thought out Events & Recreation Calendar will make sure all boxes are ticked in terms of what a bar is and when.  www.bespokecampaigns.org/events design

All and any individual business can benefit from a bespoke campaign, regardless of the reason for needing one. It could be that the business in question has a new service or product launch, or needs to reach to a customer base. A bespoke campaign can be written for all manner of reasons, though the reasons are usually commercial or political and are either business to business or business to customerwww.bespokecampaigns.org/bespoke campaigns