Low Cost Business Tools - Affordable & Effective

Easy to follow downloadable guides and tools for business will be available for a relatively low cost.

The prospect of a Bespoke Campaign is available through the booking of a consult with a specialist advisor who will produce a workflow for you.

The charge of the consult never wavers – it is $45.00 per hour via Skype with a minimum of two hours. If an additional Wallchart or Guide as PDF is required the costs of that will be added to the bill.

The Guides have been created by a campaigns designer with over twenty years' experience in niche campaigns design and implementation

Here's how it works……

There are a number of generically applied tools that will match any occasion and here are some examples, some of these will be introduced as the first run of guides available via Bespoke Campaigns in the first phase roll out. We are showing at this stage what a unique guide for an industry area looks like. The Guides and Bespoke Guides especially are designed to cover all industry areas. A Bespoke Campaigns Guide is a wall chart or document that the individual trader or business can have made specific to a goal or need.

Here's some examples of the guides we will offer….

Here is an example of a Bespoke Campaign 'Industry Specific ' downloadable Guide available also on Livin in the City Film Festival 'Useful Charts' page

An indispensable tool for film makers looking to gain some confidence and grounding in fundraising - covers the areas that would be the domain of a sales agent. Buy, download and either keep on desktop OR take to local printers and convert into Wall Chart. It is both cost saving and organisational as well as putting the fundraising goals and needs into context and perspective. Can be used for any film project - OR can be transferred into creative project.

The complete 'Bespoke Campaigns' gambit of downloadable guides will be available shortly. Address all questions to: