Uses pub screen space between high focus sports events, for certain lunch deals and to keep staff and regulars happy. Alternative to silent news and or looped music - the pub gets free publicity, online and on foot through hard and soft copy PR. Most chains are happy to join in. Most consider the concept exceptional and lose footfall outside of the sports context. There is a sports competition aimed at dealing with the existing sports audience.


This festival serves the need to get city based artistry out in the world via the conduit of competitions and ad making focusing on areas of commercial and social value. This is to be done through fiction, drama, humour or factual form. Films and shorts that have been previously seen that have a city theme get a new lease of life and revamped publicity. The professional gets help with campaigns and publicity: the amateur gets to flex some muscle over a city based frustration and the result is shown


The film festival has two main objectives: the first to help those with talent learn commercial and social value of film as product by making an ad or clip within a competition context. The competition entries get to be judged by both members of the public and professionals. The winning entries are widely shown at stakeholder parties and the winners themselves get to be part of a database of talent that thereafter has access to campaigns and promotions advice and help. The second objective is to bring previously seen and screened films revolving around city tensions back to life via a social media aimed at promoting its value. Again, those film makers that are capable of making a film or short that mirrors the tensions in city life receive help and assistance in their fund raising campaigns.

The main overall objective is to steer from the 'red carpet' approach and towards a less cyclical approach to the film festival calendar

The range of the competitions is wide but purposeful to cover different areas of Living in the City as well as giving the amateur, member of public, or professional the opportunity to shine in front of a grateful and eager public. The festival is deliberately avoiding the term 'International' though entries are welcome from any city in the world given the pleasure it would bring to see and experience other cultural perspectives on the same themes. The festival will be screening three times a year - this will give ample opportunity

Contacts are being fostered within recruitment to ensure that the volunteers receive a paid internship. Currently students in the creative sector are disappearing into menial work and are beds sharing. A massive deal is the need to deal with creativity and social mobility in major cities crushed by escalating rent charges. The festival is a registered business with a projection plan and has been conceived by a British woman, born in Blackpool but a Londoner for 20 years

There is a unique PR being delivered to each competition area as well as through and via the various London stakeholders. As with the magazine - this is a rolling launch to deal with what has gone out there in the first instance - and then deal with the meatier competition entries.