Bespoke Campaigns is an even mix of old school ezine (online magazine) aimed at city dwellers covering news of interest for workers, business owners and creatives…..

This is 50% of Bespoke Campaigns
The other 50% is Campaigns and Promotions
The USP is that we are both launching pad for lost or new talent and promoter of small business and we don't mind where that talent or business is….
The News and Views is put over as an old style newsletter using some of the late and great UK based magazines as stylistic guide. We aim to be a mix of use, satire and cutting edge in advice for the busy city dweller….the aim here is for it all to be engaging and fun. And most of all, useful.
It will be rolling out with a gradual launch: there is eventually 116 or more guides and consult topics to upload for download, so this will be done over a period between now and the end of 2017.

Livin' in the City is the Film Festival where we show off the talent in small business advertising from our resource bank of talent and from our own in house production partners.